Hi I'm Marcie . . . welcome!

Are you ready to experience an unshakeable sense of freedom that comes when you know who you are and what you want?

Then I'm here to help.

I help people crazy enough to take the red pill.

If you're a fan of The Matrix movie, you'll instantly get what I mean. 

No, I don't actually think I'm Morpheus, but, in alot of ways, as a coach and writer, I play the same role. 

If you've never heard of The Matrix and it's famous red pill (please read ↓).

Another way to put is, I help people realize their personal power and make conscious decisions.



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More about me

I'm guessing if you've landed on this page, you want to know more about me. . . see what I'm about.

Here's a few things that might help answer your questions.


What I believe

Each of us has the potential to create the lives we want for ourselves.

But things can get in our way and stop us. 

When we truly know ourselves: what makes us who we are (beliefs), what excites us (passion) what stops us (fears), and what gives our lives meaning (purpose)

We are less likely to be controlled by the things that stop us. And we may realize our own personal power (what I refer to as unshakeable sense of freedom!)

Knowing ourselves is a life long journey.

But one of the first steps is waking up to our truth (what I refer to as 'taking the red pill'). 

Taking the red pill isn't a magic pill:

It won't make things instantly 'better.'  It won't change our situations or make our problems go away.

But it can give us the confidence and belief in ourselves to face those things and make conscious decisions to live the life we want.

The bottom line:

We have a choice everyday.

To live unaware.  Not really understanding why we do what we do, or letting our circumstances control us, or living in fear of what others might think if we followed our heart.

Or, to live consciously.  Doing things that bring us joy and give our lives meaning. 

Why I do what I do

To be 100% truthful

I'd love to say that I do what I do because I love helping others, and that seeing other people create the lives they want is the most important thing to me. 

But I'd be lying, as this isn't the whole truth. 

Yes, I do find immense pleasure in helping others, but I have found that that is not enough for me.  Through many painful experiences, I have realized that my happiness cannot be dependent on the actions and success of others.

My joy has to come from within me—doing what I love and feel is important to me.

So the truth is, I also do it for me.

Deep inside I have a little voice that reminds me where I was: unawake, unconscious, trapped, and at times hating my life. 

And, that, if I continue to explore, grow, and be true to myself, (which includes a strong role in helping others) than it is less likely I will find myself in one of those places again.

As a die-hard fan of The Matrix movie, I decided to combine two of my passions ~ life is too short not to have fun!

Things I like

Essentially, I am a tongue-twisted introvert (INTJ) who:

Loves analyzing numbers, looking for patterns, finding new ways to break and fix (but mostly break) technology.

Can spend hours talking about business with complete strangers.

Can spend even more hours pondering life’s biggest mysteries: who are we, what is the meaning of life, why are we here, where do we go when we die?

Has vegged out on the couch watching Ancient Aliens, Searching for Bigfoot, and World’s Most Haunted Places more weekends than I’ll ever admit.

Has an amazing ability to communicate with my cat. She lets me know exactly what she wants and I do it. It’s like I can actually read her mind.

Doesn't like exercising for the sake of the exercising. But will run after a bus or walk for hours if I have somewhere interesting to go.

Absolutely loves wine, dark chocolate and Ruffles potato chips.

Is not afraid to try something new and learn from my experiences.

Is super passionate, a deep thinker, determined, and often, wears my heart on my sleeve.

Loves writing (almost as much as breathing!).

Things I've done

Now on my 4th or 5th (maybe 6th 'career'), you can probably guess I don't subscribe to straight lines or norms:

Studied Electrical Technology for 4 years in high school (wired a ‘mock’ house to graduate!).

Studied Electrical Engineering for 3 years in college (Penn State) before realizing that I really just liked analyzing things (rather than designing things), so instead got a BBA in Finance & Investments from the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York.

Worked in pharma for 10 years developing document management systems.

Started a fair trade retail business with life partner and $500. Traveled to Africa, Asia and South America to meet global partners. Sold business 10 years later.

Became a Reiki Master to better understand energy and find balance.

Worked as an (SBA sponsored) Business Advisor and helped others grow their businesses and secure funding.

Wrote and self-published a book (What I Know about Jumping: Real life lessons on making major life change) ~ even though I’m terrified of heights!

Worked 2 years in equality in a UK university crunching numbers, managing projects, and organizing events.

Actively volunteered for 20+ years: parenting programs, food center, community gardening, fair trade and local revitalization groups, mentoring students, and on equality issues for local council.

Currently training as a Transformational Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching, London, UK (hope to qualify summer 2017).

Been there

I've found myself in places I never knew existed.  Some felt mildly uncomfortable, some, were more like a living nightmare. 

Growing up I felt trapped because we lived in a tough neighborhood and never had enough money. Angry that my mom was drunk through my childhood. Pissed off that I didn’t get the career opportunities I thought I should. Hated going to a job where I felt I was just another cog in the machine. Really hated that once I got everything I wanted materially, I still wasn’t happy. Then, I felt guilty about not being happy with ‘what I had.’ Despair after moving to a new country in my mid-40s and losing two of the most important things, my financial independence, then my mother.

What helped me was knowing that I always had a choice.

I had a choice to stay trapped, angry, pissed off, hating my life, numb, and allowing those things to stop me from following my dreams.

Or, I could do something about it (Read more 'My Story').