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WTF moments that lead to change

awareness, conscious living, choice, making a difference, purpose

It can happen between a blink, a breath or even mid-sentence. One minute your life makes complete sense.  You’ve got it all figured out, know exactly what you want and how to get it.  The next minute, absolutely nothing makes sense! You are at a loss, wondering, what the hell happened? This is what happened…

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3 Unexpected lessons learned from topless sunbathing

overcoming fear, courage, personal power

It took all my courage. But once I did it, I was instantly hooked.  The power was intoxicating. The implications went far beyond the shores of the Canaries. Like many of life’s unknowns, we don’t always know how an event or action will impact us. We may need ‘processing’ time before it sinks in. It…

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Leaving after the election for greener grass?

American expat, US, UK, Canada, migration, election, trump, brexit

Many Americans are afraid of who will become the next president, causing them to consider leaving their homes.  Google reported a 350 percent jump in searches for ‘how can I move to Canada’ following Super Tuesday.  One poll says 1 in 4 are ‘likely’ to consider leaving the US if Donald Trump becomes president.  The…

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Starting a new job after the death of a parent

new job, parent, death

Reflections on finding comfort in change and living with loss With four days left to work and plans to start a new job a day later, I got the call that would irreversibly change my life.  My mother had a massive brain aneurysm and was placed on life support.  I dropped everything to fly 3,000…

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