Starting a new job after the death of a parent

new job, parent, death

Reflections on finding comfort in change and living with loss With four days left to work and plans to start a new job a day later, I got the call that would irreversibly change my life.  My mother had a massive brain aneurysm and was placed on life support.  I dropped everything to fly 3,000…

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Solace for Surivors, Surviving the Holidays

Through cups of eggnog and Christmas cheers, we hide behind our fake smiles to conceal our invisible scars and aches of yesteryear. Perhaps it is the unspoken demands to be happy or bursting with bubble, that leaves us deflated, wondering what is wrong with us when we are not. Maybe it is because we are…

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My first blog post: No matter what

“Hi….I’m Marcie.” Handshake, eye contact, awkward silent pause, don’t think we’ve met before… Tell me your name. Introductions can be hard, especially when we’re not sure what to say during the uncomfortable space between two unknown people.  Yet, good introductions are vital. With that first exchange of dialogue we unconsciously assess, evaluate, measure, and then…

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