Have you had a wake up call?

You feel it deep within, a nagging feeling, a little voice. 

You try to ignore it. 

But it is always there, like a splinter in the mind.

It is this feeling that keeps you up at night.

You have overcome many challenges.  Learned from past successes & failures.  Others say you are strong & believe in you. 

But something is holding you back.

You are ready . . . to reconnect with your passion, live with purpose and feel your power.

You are ready to wake up and experience an unshakeable sense of freedom.

I can help. 

Coaching Constructs

The construct is your place, to safely explore what you want and how to get it.

Here are a few examples.

Let's take a closer look.



Reconnect with passion
Fall in love with your business again
Fuel your dreams
Love it again!


Rediscover meaning
Create a
business that feeds your soul
Transform your hustle into a business that serves you 
Break free from soul-destroying 'work'
Press play.


Re-awaken your personal power
ace fears, build courage and find strength
Create a life outside the matrix

Experience life Turned ON!


marcie boyer, life coach, let's talk

My coaching approach

What's my coaching approach?

Basically, I have a no bull-shit coaching approach.  I'm a straight talking, WYSIWYG kinda of person. I value authenticity, honesty, and empathy - and work from this space.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone ready to take that first step. And, believe in two fundamental truths: 1) You know what's best for you and 2) my role is to help you uncover it.

I have coached: men, women, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, homemakers, self-employed, professionals, retirees.

Where do I work?

Using Skype (or Facetime), I can work with anyone, anywhere! About half of my clients live in the UK and the other half are outside of the UK.

I can also meet in person in London or Brighton, UK.

Why me?

As someone who has crossed many lines (age, gender, race), I am culturally sensitive & value all equally. I commit to be non-judgemental and will put your needs first.

Having experienced life's most difficult challenges (see My Story), I've been there and back.  I don't subscribe to 'norms' and view every experience as an opportunity to learn!

Will it be easy?

While everybody is different, coaching only works when we find and work on 'painful spots'.  So it might not always be easy.

But along the same lines as 'no pain, no gain,' it will be worth it... it's your choice how deep you want to go.

My Background

Life Experience

Now living the 4th version of my life (where after major life changes there is little resemblance to your former life, it becomes a new version), I have witnessed, experienced & overcome many of life's amazing challenges. Drawing upon these rich, diverse, experiences, I can help you uncover, make connections and clarify issues.

Business Life

With 25 year's experience in the small business, corporate & professional world, I can help you uncover areas that impact your business or career.  By better understanding who you are, you can apply this 'knowledge' to any area of your life (business, career, personal development). 

Lifelong Learning

Diploma Transformational Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)
Certificate Existential Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)
Certificate Group Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)
Reiki Master (Master Teacher Nancy Greene)
Certified Business Advisor (CT SBDC)
BBA Finance & Investments (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York)



Founder, All Here

Marcie’s vast professional and personal background, non-judgmental presence, and her genuine care to help her clients find clarity—made connecting easy, and has made my journey with her one that I’ll always hold dear.



Camino Coaching

My coaching sessions with Marcie were effective and allowed me to look at things from a new perspective and understanding.  I gained clarity and was able to question my thinking through it.

Got questions?

Here's the fine print.

Let's take a closer look.


The Process

What happens after you request
a Discovery Session (no charge)

After receiving your Discovery Session request, I will respond to you by email within 1-2 business days.

I may follow up with further questions.

Then we'll schedule your Discovery Session (at no charge).

If we mutually agree to work together, then we'll discuss a customized (bespoke) coaching program to meet your needs.

My Plans

Coaching & Business Mentoring Programs

Deep coaching takes time and requires a full-commitment from both of us.

In many ways, it is a journey of self-discovery, where I will be there to hold your hand.

As such, you will need time between sessions to think, reflect, explore, understand, make sense of things. This is where the 'work' happens (between coaching sessions).

We may also need time to uncover deeply rooted areas, typically I work with clients over 3-6 months.

Because no two people or situations are alike, there is no one 'package' that suits all.

It's about us having a conversation and agreeing on an approach that makes sense for you and your situation.

Coaching is an investment that can't be measured by the hour!

Therefore, I offer a monthly coaching plan, which is primarily based on how often we meet and the type of work we plan to undertake together.

My plans typically range from £250-£500 (or $325-$650) per month, which may include business coaching and consulting (on start-up, business planning, growth, financial analysis and review).

Technical stuff

No-jargon info about my style of coaching

Without getting too bogged down with jargon, essentially, I coach people seeking to better understand themselves through a process of awakening and discovery (hence the 'red pill' analogy from the Matrix!).

My coaching style is referred to as 'Transformational.'

Simplistically, this means I help people transform their lives by exploring beliefs, values, assumptions, expectations, stories, etc in order to clear a path to success.

While I don't have a specialty, I am extremely drawn to and have also received additional training in Existential coaching. This is where we delve more deeply into life themes (purpose, meaning, fear, uncertainty, and death). I am also an intuitive coach and a Reiki Master.

I am also a certified Business Advisor and a former business owner, with 25 years professional experience.

Putting this all together.

My strength lies in helping others to explore themselves more deeply and recognize how issues may be showing up in their lives, businesses or relationships.

The Rabbit Hole

You decide how deep we go

Let's take a closer look

Your Self

What is that makes you 'you'?

What is it that matters most?

Exploring identity, culture,
values, principles & your story.

Your Beliefs

What do you hold true?

How do your beliefs help or hold you back?

Exploring beliefs, judgements, shame,
guilt, expectations & assumptions.

Your Fuel

Where do you get your energy?

What are you passionate about?

Exploring energy, emotions,
motivation, passion & purpose.

Your Strengths

What are your strengths?

What lessons have you learned from successes & failures?

Exploring abilities, lessons learned,
successes, strengths & talents.

Your Fears

What is that stops you?

How do you work through fear?

Exploring comfort zones, change,
control, fears, grief, loss & vulnerabilities.


marcie boyer, life coach, let's talk


Taking your first step is probably the hardest!

That's why I've made it easy for you to try it for yourself.

I can't guarantee your life will be easier, or that all your problems will go away - no one can!

But I can say (with my hand on my heart) that coaching has transformed my life, and has helped countless others do the same!

If you're ready to wake up, realize your power, and experience  unshakeable freedom, then let's talk!

Book your Discovery Session today! (at no charge)

Discover for yourself . . .

Power your passion

Uncover who you are, reconnect with your passion and fuel your dreams.

Power your choices

Make decisions that you can trust and create opportunities. 
Choose with clarity and that deep sense of knowing.

Unshakeable Freedom

Experience the unshakeable sense of freedom that comes when you know who you are and make choices that fuel your dreams.

To know yourself as the Being
underneath the thinker,
the stillness underneath the mental noise,
the love and joy underneath the pain,
is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

~Eckhart Tolle