Welcome – Episode 1

Have you ever had a dream, […] that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?
~ Morpheus, The Matrix

Before The Matrix, before Morpheus,
I suspect humans have been questioning the ‘realness’ of our existence for a long time. . .

Is any of this real?
Are we living in a dream?
Are our experiences in ‘life’ just a figment of our imagination?

This is the central theme of my favorite movie The Matrix
And, a question that continues to fuel speculation today.
The challenge is: we may never know the answer.
My response is: Does it matter?

Taking a pragmatic view, we know two things:
That we are alive, whether real or imagined,
and we have a powerful tool: choice.

We have unlimited choices in life.
Right here, right now,

Many of us can choose what we’ll have for dinner tonight or what we’ll do next weekend.
We can choose which subject we’ll study in college, our career path, our life partners,
to have children, to start a business.

We have many choices around what we can do.
But, whether the things we do, will make us happy, give our lives purpose,
or feed our souls is another part of the story.


And, that part of the story is down to us.
Choice gives us options.
But we create possibilities.

Sadly, not everyone sees it this way.
They may not see the power choice gives us to create possibilities.
And that is where the full story lies.

Here’s the thing.
What we imagine is possible is directly related to
how many choices we see and the possibilities we can create.

The more choices we see, the more possibilities we can create,
not only ourselves,
but for our loved ones, and the world.

For me, that’s what matters most:
Harnessing the full power of choice to create possibilities.
The possibility to lead a fulfilling life, be at peace, and experience joy!

How does this relate to The Matrix?
And, what does it to mean to Live Outside the Matrix?
Great questions.

That’s the purpose of this series.
To explore these questions and so much more.
But let me start by explaining, why. Why am I doing this?

I believe in something too.
I believe that we can all be free.
Free to live our lives how we choose. And with that freedom, we can experience peace.

This has been my mission in life: to be at peace.
By sharing my thoughts,
my hope is that they may help you.

Sit back and enjoy. Or, click off the page. As always. . . It is your choice.
In the next episode, we’ll explore what the matrix is, stay tuned . . .

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